Pictures Of Our Volcanos Here In Mexico

Well, lately its been raining here in Puebla. Which is really unusual. Normally it rains during the summer time, and we are able to see the volcanoes full of snow all during this time.

Puebla is surrounded with 4 volcanoes. 3 of them are very close, and 3 of them are the highest mountains in Mexico! To the west, we have two very beautiful volcanoes, which are the Popocatépetl, an active volcano of 5,426 mts (17,800 ft), and Iztaccíhuatl which is 5,230 mts (17,159 ft). Don’t forget that Puebla is very high up too! We are at 7,000 ft over the sea level. We are able to see this two volcanoes from our house every day. They are behind our house and I really look forward for nice and clear days and see what God has created. It is really breath taking when you see them on very clear days. I remember one day driving to the church and stopping to take some pictures of the volcanoes. Right after I took the pictures I listened on the news on the radio someone calling and saying that he had been living in Puebla for at least 50 years! and has never seen the volcanoes so beautiful. I am glad I took the pictures!

Popócatepetl Volcano As Seen From Our House
Popocatépetl Volcano As We Drive To Our House
On A Clear Day - Popocatépetl Volcano (17,800 ft)

Anyway. I like taking pictures of the volcanoes. Here is a view of the city of Puebla with its 4 volcanoes.

Puebla, and its four volcanoes. Three of them are the highest mountains in the Country

Let me know if there is any volcanoes where you live. Do you live near a volcano?


  1. Hello Munoz family,
    We are praying for you! We have family in Puebla! We would like to visit! We thank God for your ministry!

    We live in Naples, Florida. We have recently received photos from family living in Puebla of the ash from Popo. We are praying for you.

    In Christ’s Love,
    The Delcompare Family

  2. Thank you for your prayers!
    We are actually going to Florida this coming Thursday.
    I’ll be preaching near Orlando, FL. this coming Sunday. I know that you are quite far away, but you are welcome to visit us here in Puebla.
    God bless you!,
    -Bro. Munoz

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